Philippe Varlet

Irish fiddle for all occasions
Washington DC / Baltimore area, and beyond
                                                     Lectures / Demonstrations
Phone: 301-873-3850
This page was last updated on: April 19, 2012

Over the years, Philippe has taught many students of all ages. While most were learning the fiddle, several have been taught other instruments, such as the whistle, button accordion, or tenor banjo, or the bouzouki or guitar for the accompaniment of Irish dance music. To all of them, Philippe passes on his knowledge of the intricacies of the traditional style, following a progressive curriculum he has tested and perfected over the years, and making sure to expose his students to the art of improvisation.

- Private lessons:
  Lessons are taught at my home studio in Silver Spring, MD. The current rate is $65 / 1-hour.           
  Lessons are scheduled weekly or bi-weekly. Call or e-mail for an appointment.

  Instruments taught are:
    - Fiddle
    - Mandolin
    - Tenor banjo
    - Tinwhistle (beginner)
    - Button accordion (B/C) (beginner)
    - Bouzouki (accompaniment)
    - Guitar (accompaniment)

- Group lessons:
  Group lessons or master classes can be arranged. The fee is negotiable, depending on the size of the group,        the location, etc.

- ** NEW ** Online lessons via Skype:
  Online lessons via Skype are now available at the rate of $60 / 1-hour. Skype is a free video chat program
(download it here), it is very easy to install and use and, through the use of webcams and microphones on both ends, allows to conduct lessons almost as if in person--one restriction is that only one person can play at a time. Lessons can be of several kinds:
- one-time "diagnostic" class, to identify problem areas in your playing and make recommendations to remedy those, and/or discuss topics chosen by you
- once-in-a-while lessons, designed to work on particular goals, with follow-up
- regular course of lessons (weekly or bi-weekly is most productive) to learn to play Irish music on your instrument or to improve your skills and widen your repertoire

  In all cases, online lessons can be supplemented when appropriate with sound files or transcriptions sent via e-mail.

  Payment for online lessons is done via PayPal.

- Workshops:
  From time to time, workshops are organized with visiting musicians. Past instructors have been James Kelly        (fiddle), Oisin Mac Diarmada (fiddle), Kevin Glackin (fiddle), Eoin O'Riabhaigh (uilleann pipes), and Conal               O'Grada (flute). To be kept informed of such events, e-mail me, or watch this page for announcements.