Philippe Varlet

Irish fiddle for all occasions
Washington DC / Baltimore area, and beyond
                                                           Private / group lessons
Phone: 301-873-3850
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Presentations on Irish music, its history, its traditions, illustrated with recorded examples and/or live demonstrations.

While Philippe Varlet's main occupation is as a performing musician, he is also an ethnomusicologist and has conducted research on Irish traditional music for many years. He is a specialist of the history of early recordings of Irish music, and has produced several reissue CDs of Irish music from the 78 era for the Copley and Rounder labels. Philippe has given guest lectures on this subject at the University of Maryland, Boston College, and for the Gaelic League. He has also spent many years tracing the history of the Irish dance repertoire, and is often called upon to supply information on Irish tunes for record notes.
With Nicholas Carolan, Irish Traditional Music Archives, Dublin, 2002
In front of Michael Coleman's  family home, Killavil,
Co. Sligo, 2002